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31 St. Croix Street, Jeffrey’s Bay, 6330

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Gary Smith and Hugh Thompson,  partners in Natural Curve Surf Co. grew up in Durban and were key members of Dogtown, situated in the Point area from the 70’s onwards.During this era Gary Smith and Garry Stephen co-owned Dogtown Surf Shop with Hugh shaping Dogtown surfboards. 30 years on, the Thompson and Smith duo emerge as a team once again... Read more

Natural Curve History

Natural Curve Surfboards was brought into being in the early 70’s by shaper Errol (Tickbird) Hickman and board builder Michael (Ginz) Ginsberg, in collaboration with John (Wowee) Plater. By 1975 the shaper/glasser duo had established themselves in the South African surfboard industry, operating out of their Palmer Street factory in Durban, SA. With both Hickman and Ginsberg travelling abroad more... Read more

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31 St. Croix Street, Jeffrey’s Bay, 6330
Phone: 083 3600 003